"People ask why I still look for him in a crowded room," she said. "And I tell them I don’t know why."

"But maybe it’s because he was my light."

"And maybe I am tired of feeling blind."

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But you remember it, don’t you?
There wasn’t a single star in the sky that night, as if something out there knew that we’d be lost without each other, as if something out there knew that not even constellations could take us home, because you were my home. I was your home too, I know it because we haven’t spoken in over a year now and I’ve heard that you’ve started smoking again. I’ve gone back to writing more words for you that you’re not deserving of. We love each other but not enough to find a way to apologize for all the damage we did to one another and that saddens me, because it should, shouldn’t it? thewordsyouneverunderstood (via thewordsyouneverunderstood)

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Tonight I listened to a voicemail you left me three months ago.
In it, you told me to go fuck myself.
I still remember that night.
I still remember those words rolling off your tongue so gracefully.
I remember wondering how someone so beautiful could be so cruel.

Two months ago I called you at three A.M.
I expected you to ignore it, or to send me to voicemail;
those were two of the things you were best at.
You answered and I felt my heart begin to race;
you probably thought it was because I missed you,
but truthfully it was because I didn’t expect you to answer,
and because I really had to pee.
I asked you how you were and you sat there quietly and confused.
It was like you forgot that I existed and that I was once a part of your life.
You told me “fine” and I smiled.
That was the last conversation we had.
I made sure to let go of you, and every negative word that was said, in a peaceful way.

Fast forward two months, and I still wonder how you are.
I still wonder how your dog is and if you’ve seen any good movies lately.
If you ever heard me say this, you’d probably blush like you used to whenever I said something sweet.
You’d probably think I think these things because I still love you, that I still want you.
But that is not the case.
You see, six months ago I was jumping through hoops to please you.
To make sure that you were happy before myself.
To make sure that I was the one causing your happiness.
But it is not six months ago.
It is now.
And now I simply remember you as a person I gave my soul to.
A person I told secrets to at 4am and fucked to feel a sense of closeness.
A person I loved, yes.
But it is not six months ago.
It is now, and now I miss you.
I miss the way you called randomly just to ask how my day was.
I miss the way you seemed to care, even if you didn’t.
I miss the friendship and the secrets and the stories.
And maybe one day things will be different.
Maybe you’ll call me on a Tuesday afternoon and ask how my day was.
These are the things I think about before my eyes slowly close and I am finally rewarded with sleep.
But for right now?
Go fuck yourself.

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don’t say no-oh-oh-oh
The hardest thing about losing you is that it didn’t just happen once. I lose you every single day that we don’t speak. When I wake up in the morning and reach for my phone and hope to see a message that isn’t there, and when I go to sleep at night after I realise that the only person I want to moan to about how crap my day was, isn’t there. And I lose you in all of the moments in between, in all the hours of silence that go by where I do nothing but think of you, go to call you, and then I don’t. I lose you when I watch certain films, listen to certain songs, and go to certain places that are all tainted with certain parts of you and how you make me feel. And I used to think I could only miss you when I was alone, but that’s not true. I miss you when I’m around everyone else, too. Because they are not you. But you’re always there…somewhere. I can’t not think about you. It’s only when I’m asleep that I get a break from it. From thinking and wanting and missing. But, then I wake up the following day, roll over, check my phone, see that you didn’t call and I just know I’m going to feel it all over again. p.o. (via missinyouiskillingme)

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I know that by the time you get this it might be far too late to ask you to stay but if I don’t tell you that I’ve been in love with you, I will spend the rest of my life regretting it.

So there it is, I love you and I know that it probably doesn’t change a thing that I do but I just need you to know that I think you’re the greatest thing that has happened to me. I know that I wasn’t always enough for you. I know that on the days when it rained, I let you feel it. I know that I wasn’t always good to you. I was bad and ruinous and I want you to know that I’m sorry.

I am still trying to learn how to love without leaving bruises. I am still trying to learn how to love without the scratches. I am still trying to learn how to love without being bad.

I don’t know that you’ll ever come back. If you do, know that I will have learned how to love better. If you ever come back, know that I won’t be the same person you left behind, know that I’ll hardly recognize you anymore. But know that, I will never stop loving you.

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You never cared when you loved
me and it was between the two
of us - even with the light on,
even staring at me for so long
that I ask what you’re doing and
you smile and say “just looking
at you”. But people started to
see. Your friend teased you
once and that was it - you care
more about what people think
than what your heart wants,
because it wants me. You
laugh and say “we’re just friends. anne, you didn’t seem to notice what I looked like until someone pointed it out (via anneisrestless)

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I found an old picture of you and I together last night. I know you’re thinking that I’m writing this to you because I still love you but I know I don’t. I forgot how to love you. I was just thinking of how crazy it is to think that a year ago, I was spilling blood over you. I still can’t believe that I let you have that much of me. I haven’t been able to give myself like that to anyone else. It makes me puke to think that I was yours before I was ever my own. I let you hear my voice at 4 a.m and I let you see the insides of my soul. I think that’s what made it so hard for me to unclench my fists, that’s what made it so hard to understand that you were no good for me but I know better now. I know I loved you but I also know that it wasn’t enough, not enough for you but I know that it can be for someone else. thewordsyouneverunderstood (via thewordsyouneverunderstood)

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Oct. 13th, ‘11

30/08/2014 | chicago


Kris Jenner is the real life version of Regina George’s mom

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